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Postby JohnnyRumbo » Mon Oct 22, 2018 4:58 pm

Hi Y'All,
Sorry to drag up an old post for my first post however, just can't find the answer.

I have done a number of TPW's on EC1118 all with the same result. The krausen (yeast cake on the top) even after 6 weeks is still just sitting there on top. Is it supposed to sink? With Lowens Bakers Yeast, after 10-14 days it sinks to the bottom and starts to clear, as one would expect.

It has finished (static SG 110 >> 101, slightly high but it has finished). I can supply all of the details of what I did but surfice to say I follow the directions, with supplementary info from this site and others to the LETTER. Rehydreated, aerated, acid buffer, constant 23C.

So is the yeast supposed to sink to the bottom after it is finished, or is that just not what EC1118 does.
Thanks everyone in advance.
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