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TPW Spirit Run ETC .

Postby prawnz » Sun Dec 03, 2017 12:52 am

Thought I'd put this here incase I drop my phone in the ocean , which seems to happen a fair bit .
Thought it'd be a good place to look back on it and it may be of interest to others with similar equipment .

So I put on 4 standard 25lt TPWs .

Stripped each in pot mode for a total of 12 lt of low wines , 3 from each fermenter .

Put the reflux column back together and combined the lows , down to 30% , and the spirit run went like this .

Spirit run 1/12/17
Started still 10.00
After 45 min started ref cooling at a trickle , column still cold , PC cooling running all the time .
After another 45 mins increase ref cooling to 1lt per min .
Still head temp 25, ref column hot .
After a further 1hr start reducing rc to bleed off some fores .reduced to 750ml/min for no change after 10 min.
Reduced to 650ml/min , no change .
Reduced to 600ml/min ,nothing .
Reduced to 390ml/min , temp now slowly starting to rise .
Reduced to 300ml/min temp rising rapido now .
Temp 55 .
Temp 60
Temp 65
first drips of fores after 3 hrs n 2 mins .
Fores now coming off at a fast drip . Temp 75 .
150ml of fores taken off .
Take off in 200 ml jars at 7 min per jar.
took off 19 jars @ 95% then output started to slow from a stream to fast drip , temp steady at 75 .
Jar 21 temp 78 ,abv 92, rc cooling almost off . Slight tails smell.
Jar 22 temp 79 , rc off .
Jar 22 rc off , temp 85 , this is the final cuts jar . Kept collecting tails into a mason for feints .
2 lt of tails collected .
7.5 hours total run time .
After airing 24 hours
Jar 1 heads - throw
Jars 2 to 19 hearts
Jar 20 , 21 ,22 , 23 tails .
End result 3.6 lt of neutral at 95%

The temps are taken at the top of the ref column immediately before the PC and are just a reference nothing more .

I know its about quality not quantity or price but the whole exercise cost me $34 in ingredients plus power which I cant calc but we have a fairly good solar system so I'm going to say power was negligable . This is by far the slowest spirit run I've done but the end result is by far my best yet . Running at full reflux for over an hour the slowing the take off as much as I could with the ref cooling on a needle valve made the diatinction between hearts and tails Very pronounced .
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Re: TPW Spirit Run ETC .

Postby Rock » Thu Jul 05, 2018 7:42 pm

Excellent , i have only done about 6 turbo sugar wash and on my last run went to 300ml , aired them overnight and watered down ni f5om each :scared-eek: so much more refinement, and quality after removing some head and tails, my best ever.
Now to the ultimate (aparemtly) TPW .
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