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Re: New 15L oak cask question

Postby Shinytom » Sat Feb 17, 2018 6:41 pm

EziTasting wrote:What we are suggesting, some stronger than others, is that virgin oak barrels, no matter what size, in our experience, colours/flavours your drink faster than used oak. Irrelevant if its dominoes or barrels.

Which seems to directly contradict the subject of your original post above.

Additional info: Larger Barrels take longer than smaller barrels

I know that people are sharing a load of info and that, initial y one isn't quite able to grasp it all at once (well, I did') so don't be discouraged! Keep it up and things will become easier...

And keep in mind I am not saying anyone is wrong, it's just what I am experiencing on my tiny test scale and what the cooper told me does seem to contradict everything I have read and experienced with aging, I just thought it would be an interesting subject matter and worthy of asking about, at the end of the day I'm sure if I have done everything else well enough it will end up being a great whiskey, apart from having to wait longer than expected I am pretty happy to extend the aging process because the outcome should be better.
Maybe some pics now and in the future are in order?
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