Pure Distilling Reflux still Questions

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Pure Distilling Reflux still Questions

Postby Coastie » Sun Jul 29, 2018 3:14 pm

Hi Everyone

Sorry for the same old questions with a new face but here goes......

Im just after some advise and clarification after reading a whole bunch of stuff on this forum its a great library of information! im really looking forward to getting some advise and making a better product. ^:)^ ^:)^

Ive done two runs so far on my still with alot of the product sitting on chips and some with essences. I currently have a TPW fermenting after reading the bad reviews on the turbo products and im looking forward to the results.

I have read through the topic "Running a T500, the Proper Way" is there much difference in this to the pure distilling still?
Also is there any modifications that I should be doing to my still to get a better product?
Im already looking at the potstill attachment for the future, but i just want to get a good product with this basic still first.
Ive also read recommendations on utilising a pump system for cooling the reflux still can someone point me towards a link?

Reading "Kiwistiller's Novice Guide to Cuts and Fractions" it talks about cuts and Im really wanting to try this with the TPW that Im currently fermenting. it just raises a few questions for me.
What do I do with the left overs?
And if Im putting the left overs back into the still or putting some bad essences or mixes that Ive made with turbos how does that work? Do i just throw them in and boil up the Still or do i need to add water to increase volume in the boiler?

Any help that anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated guys

Thanks in advance

Coastie :text-thankyoublue: :techie-typing: ^:)^
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Re: Pure Distilling Reflux still Questions

Postby r1zzla » Sun Jul 29, 2018 4:03 pm

Hi Coastie
I started with a Pure Distilling rig, only did one Turbo then started on WBAB & TPW. For the first 10 or so runs I made no modiications, following the temp based instructions for producing product, but into 250ml jars to enable doing cuts instead of all into one bucket.

I did find that cooling water temp and flow made a big difference (too warm / slow and smearing happened) a car radiator and fan in the cooling system helped a lot there.

I then bought a power controller for some control of the boiler and replaced the slow/fast tap that came with the still with a stainless needle valve, that gives you a lot more control than the original setup.

I put heads and tails into a spare keg, along with anything else that your not happy with, until I have enough for a feints run. The general rule is charge your boiler with 30-40% and make sure you have plenty of time - 25L @ 40% used to take me around 10hrs after boiler got up to temp. The heads from the feints run i use as metho, i put the first half of the tails back into the feints container for next time.
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Re: Pure Distilling Reflux still Questions

Postby dans.brew » Sun Jul 29, 2018 8:28 pm

I too started with a PD Still. I never didnt do any adjustments to mine, apart from building a simple pot still to go on the existing boiler. They aren't that hard to build and dont cost much either. Its a cheap way of getting away from using essences and into some quality rum or whiskey.
I also emphasize doing cuts... its a must, otherwise your drinking chemicals you shouldnt be. It will make one of the biggest improvements in your end products quality.
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Re: Pure Distilling Reflux still Questions

Postby Coastie » Mon Jul 30, 2018 9:53 am

Hi R1zzla

Thanks for your response can you clarify a bit further on the car radiator and fan? Do you have any pics?
Also can you give me some more info on the power controller?

Thanks guys! :text-thankyoublue:
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