Plastic drums western sydney

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Plastic drums western sydney

Postby hnhupi » Wed Nov 20, 2019 1:48 pm

A couple of weeks ago I spent half a Saturday driving around to pickup up these babies. They are food safe, previously used for animal feed and chemicals in the food industry. After several weeks spent looking for something worth my time on Gumtree, I caved and had a look at Facebook Marketplace: there were dozens of options available around western sydney and probably in other parts of the country too.


One of the 60L drums is replacing my combo 30L+22L fermenters that I was using for my runs. My 3rd gen WBAB is fermenting in it, so nice not to have to split sugar wash across multiple fermenters and to have some spare room. Though, they are much harder to move around and lift once full.
The other ones are still empty, I am planning a TPW on the side to make some neutral for the upcoming berry season and the others are spares.


These babies are just over around 200L, can't remember if 220 or 230 litres. I use them to collect my cooling water that gets used in the garden.
Before this I was filling up a bunch of buckets that were being emptied in the garden, water features are ound the house, washing machine... You can imagine that not having to swap buckets every few minutes during a run made my life much more enjoyable.
I am still using tap water to feed the PC and RC, at some point in the future I will look into using a pump to reuse the water off these drums.

I paid $50 for the four small ones and $30 for the two large ones. It was worth it!
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