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Mac's Lemon Vodka

PostPosted: Wed Apr 15, 2015 2:15 pm
by MacStill
Here's how I make my Lemon vodka for a 50L wash


25L bucket of freshly picked very ripe lemons
1 table spoon DAP
2 crushed vitamin B tabs
2 table spoons of EC1118 yeast rehydrated (instructions on pkt)
10kg plain white sugar.


First off peel and quarter lemons and add to fermenter, you want to squash them to a really mushy pulp.
Add 10kg sugar and cover lemons & sugar with really hot water to about a 1/3 of the fermenter full, add DAP & vitamin B, then blitz it for a few minutes with a paint stirrer to aerate.
Top up to the 50L mark on the fermenter with cool water and add half a dozen quartered lemon skins.
Once your fermenter is at about 25c pitch your rehydrated EC1118.
Try to keep the ferment reasonably cool at around 25c for the duration.

The ferment due to acid content from the lemons will be pretty slow but I've never bothered with ph adjustment, it will take 2 to 3 weeks to ferment to dry.
Once it's finished the lemon pulp will generally sink to the bottom, if not gently scoop it out and you should have a nice clear yellowish wash ready for the boiler.

I distill mine once through 4 plates @ around 92% and get a pretty strong lemon flavour carry through, but once watered back to 40% it's very nice.

If I was to pot still this I would run it twice, you get a lot of flavour from this and may want to temper it back to your liking with some neutral.



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