Chilli Salt Coating

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Chilli Salt Coating

Postby R-sole » Tue Jul 05, 2011 8:56 am

Want to make a complete hero out of yourself at the next BBQ/

Have even the kids lining up for more chilli?

Want them all texting you the next day asking what that ratio was again? :mrgreen:

Here's what to do.

1) Practise being humble;

Stand in front of a mirror looking humble a couple of times a day for 2-3 days before the event. Try some sentences out that make you sound as if it's something you just do naturally.
Get the missus to help and she can try some sentences like "oh, he cooks this all the time, it's just regular food round here".
Prepare for the follow up calls and extra invites to social gatherings by learning the ratio off by heart and keeping a jar of chilli powder in your pocket for impromtu snacks at mates places.

2) Decide what to cook;

Green peeled tailon prawns, calamari rings, small fish slices, parboiled chicken wings, chicken thigh fillets sliced into straws...anything you like that will cook as quick as a flour coating.
Good white boneless fish fillets sliced about mm thick across the fillet are the best.

3) Mix your mix;

It's as easy as remembering 4:1:1
That's 4 plain flour, 1 chilli powder, 1 salt

This can be jazzed up easily by using 3 plain flour and one cornflour for a slightly crisper coating, adding a little pepper, or some grated lemon rind, some lemmon pepper or whatever you like. I'd reccomend sticking to the basic one for your first.

Although it looks like a lot of chilli powder, it produces a mild gentle heat that kids and those who don't really go much on chilli will love. If you are really scared of chilli, reduce by half.

4) Shallow or deep fry;

Best in a large frypan over the side burner or an electric frypan next to the bbq while you are reading the main course. It can be deep fried too.
As they are getting sick of bikkies and dip, start doing small batches and handing them off to one of the kids to pass round while people chat before the main meal. Cook over a medium to high heat so the flour goes gold and crispy. Keep in mind what you are cooking though and make sure you don't overcook if it's fish or squid rings. Drain on paper towels and give a squeeze of lemon and a sprinkle of extra salt while they are still sizzling.

Keep the production line going though, as you'll soon have hangers on waiting for the next lot to come off and chatting as if they were hanging off your every word. :mrgreen:

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Re: Chilli Salt Coating

Postby jdonly1 » Tue Jul 05, 2011 9:37 am

Mate that sounds pretty good mate,will try it for sure.
We do lemon pepper prawns in tempura batter,man there good
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