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Re: Gotta have me one of these!

Postby Ravvin » Wed Jun 12, 2019 8:27 am

Hormesis wrote:Wash is down-we're gettin' close..........

I found these 2" crimp on 90° elbows at the recycle place and customized one for my blockhead outlet / PC inlet. I cut off the ends with the o-rings and formed the flanges with my flange forming jig. As you can see, I put rings on for flanges but the material is so thick I don't think I'll need the rings so I flattened only one of them for now. I had to use a hand file to relieve the area just below the flanges to allow the clamp to get the proper fit. (see arrows)

Looks great so far. Just a quick note though, those aren't crimp on connectors. They are a soft solder joint elbow. If you look inside the opening at the raised ridge you will see it is filled with soft solder. The idea is you clean the end of the pipe, slip the elbow on and heat the ridge evenly with an LPG torch until you see the solder creep out the edge of the joint.
No idea what mix the solder would be, but these fittings were common and looked down on by my plumbing teacher 30 years ago. He believed if you couldn't silver solder a join in a wall cavity using oxy without burning the house down, you shouldn't call yourself a plumber. :)
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Re: Gotta have me one of these!

Postby Hormesis » Wed Jun 12, 2019 9:57 am

Nope Ravvin, here in the US (with this exact model anyway) it's a rubberish o-ring of some flavor. I took it out and it's a lubed o-ring. The same thing was used on some new construction at the place I work. I'll go take a photograph and get some details if you're interested.
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