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Postby B-Man » Tue Sep 08, 2020 8:37 pm

Hey guys not much progress. Got a few questions.

I have rolled up my 4-2" and 2-1/2" cones on works anvil with a rubber mallet and worked a treat. Planning to tig them so still need to buy a tig.


I need to make my 6-4" reducer but to make that do I need to flatten out my pipe then re roll it or can I just taper up some of the 6" pipe I have by cutting 4 slits in it?
Or some other way? Im open to ideas.

Got an old aircon unit as a water recirculator. Looks the goods. Hopefully it works well. 2x 3 speed fans. Got a header tank and looking at chucking a 15L storage tank inside the unit. Thinking it should be good for 40-50L of water storage. How well it cools will be trial and error.


No progress on the boiler either. Got a A and D type keg. Was hoping to get a better non damaged D type as they are shorter and fatter but might have to run with the slightly damaged one.
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