Fruit ferment yeast type and flavour carry over

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Fruit ferment yeast type and flavour carry over

Postby Triangle » Fri Apr 28, 2017 1:32 pm

As a home wine maker I have some interest in this, but wondered for people doing various fruit washes and wanting various flavours to carry over through distilling is this a consideration?

If so, how far do you go/can you go ie

SO2 prior to innoculation to prevent wild yeast
Maceration type
Ferment on skins or not
On skins beyond fermentation like Burgundy reds
Additives such as enzymes, various nutrients, tannin/oak/boosters
Correct pH/TA as per wine making
Racking/leaving on fine lees
How hard must is pressed for juice
Aging and effects of polymerization - flavour, aroma and structure process.

For wine drinking its more crucial to have everything balanced and eliminate off flavours and smells, where distilling to produce a spirit from fruit doesn't require as much care as the interest is not in the dry/sour 'wine'. This year I did 2 batches of Shiraz using different macerations and yeasts (R56 and 2226) for 2 noticeably different wines though still in MLF so final outcome not really known. Got me thinking of the importance, to some fruit distillers, of seeing flavour come through from the fruit. A simple example would be a Shiraz from EC1118 versus 2226, there's a big difference in the style of wine.
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