Only the strong survive, and yeast evolution

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Only the strong survive, and yeast evolution

Postby Beerswimmer » Sun Jan 06, 2013 1:02 pm

I was talking to a fellow home distiller about the evolution of yeasts in multi generation washes like UJSSM and rums. I used to run my rum when it was still fermenting, but slowing, and noticed that after about 5 generations that the yeast would be done on time. Anyone else notice this?? I was just thinking that if I did this all the time I could actually time when I could have cleared.washes that were just waiting for me.

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Re: Only the strong survive, and yeast evolution

Postby kelbygreen » Sun Jan 06, 2013 1:37 pm

ferment 2 (or more) at a time so there is always one thats done. So if you distill once a week then you may need 3 going at a time in different stages. This is some what harder in generation. Another way would be to use a bigger fermenter that will ferment 90lts at a time (depending on your volumes, this would be for a 50lt keg boiler) When its ready you can rack 30lts to the boiler, and 60lts to another vessel to store. Run the first wash and use the duder from that to start the next generation and you will still have 60lts there in storage to run while the rest ferments. Again you will have 3 runs of first gen.

I guess you could mix them around if you have storage or just have a batch of each gen and just drink it like that or mix them together later after aging.

Edit: Also yeast grows but you will also have ones die as well. In a wash like a rum I would think more will die then grow as I have had this and had to add more yeast at times. Yeast will multiply and be healthy in the right conditions but when they get stressed by PH, alcohol volume or heat and cold they will eventually stop have to be replaced.
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