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Lager yeast

Postby bt1 » Sun Aug 04, 2013 9:30 am

Hello all,

Just a foot note I guess for next winter.

Started mid autumn with a lager yeast for ferments. The benefits are no heating required, can therefore be store near any where (9c - 15c) and allows a larger lower cost base production.
The initial ferment was the typical 1 month and let it lager for a few weeks. I've been re using the yeast from successive gens using a yeast bomb starter and currently running gen6 if memory/note book serves correctly.
The upside here is gen4 onward ferment times although a slow start are down to <2 weeks with no heating. The yeast clearly has adapted well and no off flavours have been detected.

So for next winter keep this idea tucked away and enjoy the lower cost/less hassle with these very good and now faster yeasts gens.

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