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Liqueur Essence

Postby Tbias » Thu Mar 17, 2016 9:35 pm

I'll start this thread with liqueur essence from HBS and give comments on them. I know everyone's tastebud is different but will try and compare to store bought stuff.

Still Spirits Amaretto. Need a bag of sugar base. Made it to the instructions for 1125ml. I added a bit more water as it had a bit of (alcohol) bite and a tad sweet for my liking. I had some Disaronno before and was intrigued by it. I like it and is good if you like almonds. I will make this one again, though I don't think any other brands do Amaretto.

Still Spirits Hazelnut. Need a bag of sugar base. Made it to the instructions for 1125ml. It has some nuttiness to it but I think it needs a little more. Not too sweet IMO which I like. Not the same as Frangelico, I think they had more nutiness from memory but its still good.

Still Spirits Melon. Need a bag of Schnapps sugar. There is another thread on Midori Melon with more info. IMO a little weak in melon taste. Could make it with less water. I made it to the instructions of 1125ml. I think it is still ok just use less water/alcohol and slowly add more to taste. Will try another brand after this, wouldn't say it is bad just a little lite on the melon taste.

Still Spirits Icon Coconut Rum. Comes in a bag ready to add alcohol and a bit of water. I didn't read the instructions properly and added to much alcohol so may have lost some coconut flavor. I thinks its good but I can't compare it to Malibu as I only had it in cocktails. Not sure if its lacking a bit of coconut.

Samuel Willards Premix Express Irish Cream 375ml bottle. I bought this so I don't have to use those bags of cream/sugar. Made it to the instructions of 1125ml. Not as spicy/tang as Baileys but I think it's good. I think its a little heavier/thicker than Baileys.

Still Spirits Icon Butterscotch Schnapps. Smells nice have nice caramel taste to it but to me its really sweet when made to instructions of 750ml. When I had De Kuyper I don't recall it being that sweet. Too sweet for my liking. I have added more water to my mix and will try it again later. To me just too much sugar overpowering the butterscotch taste. At the moment I'm on the sideline with this one.

That's it so far. Add whatever liqueur essence you have tried and what you reckon.
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Re: Liqueur Essence

Postby taffy4x4 » Thu Nov 28, 2019 6:27 pm

I know it's an old thread but I just came across it. Our family favourites at the moment are the willards Irish cream and the willards butterscotch schnapps, these are the ones in the large bottles. I tried the willards honey bourbon and although it was nice, it did not taste like wild turkey. Still spirits original London dry gin was quite forgettable. As I try more I'll post how they came out.
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