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Re: Running a T500, the Proper Way - Discussion Thread

Postby 62woollybugger » Fri Aug 24, 2018 2:03 pm

I've had my Copper T500 for a while & thought I'd add my 2c worth. I picked it up second hand & the first thing I did, after reading the article on how to run it on here, was ditch the plastic output tube & put a copper one on. I found some 3/8" tube at Reese plumbing, which is just slightly bigger than the plastic one, so a couple of layers of heatshrink over the outlet spigot & it fits perfectly.
As we're on tank water, I had to get one of the Still Spirits flow regulators to overcome fluctuations due to the pump cutting in & out. The other big advantage of this is that as our tank is under the house, I run the cooling water back into the tank, so don't waste any water. The only downside is that in winter the water is around 13*C, which causes the temperature to run away if I try to run the output temperature above about 55*C, as there just isn't enough water flowing through. On todays run I've got the inlet tube tucked up against the boiler to try to pre-heat it, which seems to help a bit. The advantage is that I can get virtually 100% reflux to compress the heads.
As I said in my intro, for someone who just want to make drinkable spirits, I'm happy with the T500.
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Re: Running a T500, the Proper Way - Discussion Thread

Postby ozwi09 » Sat Sep 22, 2018 1:59 pm

Hi all. It's taken me a little while to post this but I followed WJs advice on this using two TPW washes and running my T500 exactly how he describes it. I cannot believe the difference it has made. If you have been running your T500 by the book like I have for the last 3 years, you absolutely must try it this way. My first run this way and my first crack at doing cuts resulted in a neutral that is the best I have ever made. Gone are the days of running my neutral through a fuselex filter for two days only to end up with something that's only good for cleaning windows. Thanks WJ for a great post
The results speak for themselves. :happy-partydance:
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