Aquasafe Vs Citric Acid

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Aquasafe Vs Citric Acid

Postby RC Al » Fri Mar 15, 2019 8:07 pm

So i wasnt 100% on where to post this, or if anyone has posted about this before, but it is a safety issue so...

In the process of building my pot still with Aquasafe soft solder, I have discovered that its not a fan of citric acid.
I had been doing a piece dropping it in my mix and getting back to it anywhere up to a week later, often to discover a leak :roll:

Now it may be the fact that my citric came from a chemicals shop (yes it is food grade) and not the supermarket, or I may have been using too much, dunno
With a quick google, Tin, the primary component of Aquasafe, is not at all resistant to citric acid

So ill let the pics do the rest of the talking, but i suggest those who have it in their stills to find an alternative for regular cleaning
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Re: Aquasafe Vs Citric Acid

Postby db1979 » Fri Mar 15, 2019 9:26 pm

Yes, tin will react with citric acid, whereas copper will not (except for the copper oxide or carbonate coating that forms on its surface). Just don't leave a component soldered with soft solder, such as an RC, in a citric bath for a long period of time. Same with vinegar. I should imagine that it would take a long time to develop leaks, unless there were already thin spots of solder.
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