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Re: First Run

Postby Salter » Mon May 28, 2018 10:51 pm

vb4me wrote:
poompy wrote:hey I also run the t500. did you collect that 3.2l all in one container?

Read up on cuts and trust me this will make a huge difference ... =57&t=2859

I did collected the first 120ml as foreshots then the next approx 75ml as first cut then the rest was collected all in one container this time. Has a fairly strong smell but not as strong as the first 75ml cut. I had a whiff out of a partially emptied Smirnoff bottle and the smell was similar but a lot stronger.
Next round I will do some more cuts maybe 500mls.
Have a TPW fermenting now .
From what I am reading about the cuts is you are after higher quality (better taste/less taste). So what happens with the cuts towards the beginning and end were more of those aromas/flavours are formed. Do you blend with the purer tasting cuts or keep them and throw them into the next boil up after being watered down of course.

SBB wrote:
vb4me wrote:Does any one else that uses the t500 find the flow control extremely sensitive. I found it hard trying to keep a stable temp.

Yeah they are touchy little buggers, a very small adjustment to the water adjustment tap makes a lot of difference. I'm not on town water so don't have water fluctuations as such, but Ive been told even someone flushing a toilet can upset them.

I found it hard to keep it at a steady temp. Towards the end I had it sitting on about 57.7 for quite a while then I noticed it fluctuated between 54.5 and 61.3 so I just sort of let it do its thing.

I found turning the tap flow rate down helped a little bit, but I'm currently looking into more accurate and reliable systems to regulate the temperature
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Re: First Run

Postby scythe » Thu May 31, 2018 8:00 am

You guys know running a still by temperature does not give you the best results, right?

Run by output rate, smaller the still the lower the output rate.
4" stills seem to give best results at around 2-2.5L/hr.
2" stills at about 1L/hr...

Stripping runs are another beast however, faster the better as you are not drinking it.
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