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Our policy on plastic for storing spirits

PostPosted: Thu May 16, 2013 6:08 pm
by BackyardBrewer
Every few weeks the discussion about what to store high alcohol spirits in comes up.

In short, we don't care what you store your drinking stock in.

BUT: our policy is that high alcohol spirits should NEVER be stored in plastic of ANY kind.

We're not trying to convince you, we're not going to weigh into an argument about chemical composition or "what commercial distilleries do" we are just going to state that our forum, and many other home distilling and hobby forums around the world will always err on the side of caution and tell you "we do not recommend that you store a powerful solvent like alcohol in plastic".

You know what's in your spirits, you made them with your own hands. You do NOT know what is in the plastic, or what is likely to be leaching into your spirit.

By all means, store in whatever you want. But when a newbie asks "What can I store spirits in?" please do NOT weigh in and say "Plastic is fine".

Store your spirits in either:
    Oak barrels (the deluxe option)
    Stainless steel (the silver medal)
    or glass (the average choice of the backyarder)

So if you choose to put your booze in a coke bottle, then fine and dandy, but please - DO NOT ARGUE YOUR CASE FOR PLASTIC ON THE FORUM, we don't care, we don't agree and we do not suport your choice - even though we respect it, hey it's your health do what you like just do not suggest our members should do likewise.

Just so we are clear, every time this comes up I am going to post a link to this advice, and you can either take it or please, keep quiet about how you prefer plastic.

What does Aussie Distiller suggest I store high alcohol spirits in?
    Stainless Steel
and NOTHING else.