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Postby Chriss » Sat Jan 08, 2022 6:13 pm

For the lovers of lychee tincture. It is best chilled with sugar to taste. A delight in this muggy Brisbane heat :)

Last year we picked up a few kilo's of lychees from the lychee farm in Caloundra at $10kg.

This morning I found lychees for $11kg at fruit and veggie barn for to make a 0.5kg small batch. Regular price was $15kg if a return for more.
From memory we let the last years batches condition for two-three days. Yeah! and since we had more lychees we used the juice to make a lychee sugar syrup to mix with the tincture with ice in the heat last year.
It also mixes well with coconut and passion fruit.

I recommend trying it while while they are is in season.
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