Cornflakes Whiskey (CFW) chat thread

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Re: Cornflakes Whiskey (CFW) chat thread

Postby FilthyPhil » Fri Jan 08, 2021 3:52 pm

FilthyPhil wrote:So roughly how much bicarb soda or other options would I need to put into a 55 litre wash which has a ph level of 3.7?
It's a 2nd generation CFW with no backset, just the leftovers out of the first ferment, 450g of fresh cornflakes & 10kgs of sugar.
it's been down for about 15 hours with no action in the airlock.

Ok, so just an update on my previous post.
I added 2 tbs of Bi-carb soda on day 2 & that kickstarted the fermentation.
There has been continuous action in the airlock for 25 days now. The original SG was 1.065. After 18 days it was down to 1.018. I checked it 2 days ago & it was 1.012 & today it was 1.010.
It's slowly getting there. Air temp has been between 23-26C most days.
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Re: Cornflakes Whiskey (CFW) chat thread

Postby WhiskeySour » Fri Jan 08, 2021 4:41 pm

Slowly but surely wins the race mate!

But I must say I've never had one take that long. Each gen slows down a little more than the last but even my recent gen 8 was done inside 14 days. I normally target a starting ph of about 4, have never checked it during the ferment to be honest

Hope it is ready to run for you soon
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