Very basic still design.

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Very basic still design.

Postby Bob9863 » Tue May 31, 2022 11:42 am

After seeing a whole bunch of different stills around Thailand, they all seem to be variations of the same badic design, this is the only sort of diagram I could find that explains it, although some have a sort of modified Boka design where the cone points down to a copper pipe reducer like a little funnel instead of up with the rim like this one.
Basically the sane design as this but it catches in the middle inside of around the sides.


The tend to be clay of all things for a boiler and the top can be either copper sheet or aluminium bowls ect, it can be a pretty wild assortment of components.
One complaint if had about my Lao Khao (rice whiskey) is its too clean and smooth, the genuine article can be real test of manhood to drink, mostly I think because of this pretty basic still design and a belief that heads are the best part.

I don't like my drinking to be a test of manhood, I like something with a mild flavour that is smooth enough you can happily drink it all night neat on ice and still taste all the individual flavours present in the drink.
But I digress.

I'm just mulling over both what will be the simplest design to go with and what to make it out of.
Atm I'm thinking about just making a lid to fit a 20lt pot I use for mashing in.
But if I go the internal funnel type arrangement I will have to drill and solider a copper catchment system so I might as well buy another cheap pot.
Or I could take the slightly trickier option and make a rim out of copper pipe to seal the lid like the more traditional version in the photo.
Either way it should be a fun build.
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