Bloody beaut honest AG Lagers

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Bloody beaut honest AG Lagers

Postby bt1 » Mon Oct 27, 2014 6:09 pm

If you like a light colour lager with good balanced hop finish I've banged out 4 kegs of this little beauty and highly recommend it for AG beers heads or You brew lads.

Grain Bill
4.5kg Joe White Pale Pils malt
1kg Weyermann Bohemian Pale Pils
575gm Weyemann Acidulated - (improves pH and colour for this style)
250gm Joe White malted wheat - head retention

BIAB, 50lt pot, finer grind, 2.75lt treated(softened) water/kg grain = 18lt
Mash in 55c 30 mins, proteins
Raise to 68c, mash for 1.5 hours
mash out to 76c 10 mins
Sparge @ 76c 8lt worth a few SG points for a BIAB imho
Boil 75 mins, 1 skim for grain heads solids/foam early only, rest retained in brew
Saflager 34/70 2 weeks @ 13c,
then Dicteyl rest 2 days at 19c
then 1 week min lagering @ 4c prefer 2 weeks, then kegged, primed with 115gm of Dex 19lt corny.
Store 2 weeks.

Simcoe (13%+ AA don't forget), 25gm 60 mins
End of Dicteyl rest on start of crash chill, 2gm per litre from Citra, Cascade(main) and Galaxy.... varied this each keg = all round good balance, dry hopped for 3 days

An extremely clear lager of lighter mouth feel, with wonderful hop flavours to balance out the earthy Simcoe. Made to about 3.5 abv. Very close to a Little Creatures Pils, but softer.

A real nice session beer to suit a relaxed day with mates or post the gardening duties in warmer weather and you can still hold an intelligent conversation after a sess.

Enjoy you beer heads :handgestures-thumbupleft:
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Re: Bloody beaut honest AG Lagers

Postby sok1974 » Wed Mar 15, 2017 8:44 am

Do you use a modified fridge or sonething to ferment at 13 degrees?

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