TPW with Keggomax column

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TPW with Keggomax column

Postby KCG » Sat Feb 26, 2022 9:29 am

1st post in this forum, continuously read other's comments on this site, and happy to put in my 2 bob's worth.
I was given a Keggomax SS column and 60l keg a year ago, and a "secret " recipe for a TPW.
My keg has a built in 2200W electric element, with a regulating thermostat.
I pack the column with 12 scrubbers, 10 stainless steel in the centre and a copper at the bottom and top. Make sure the top one is packed at just below the outlet opening to the condenser. The copper scrubber in the bottom is good for 3 washes only, then I replace with top one, and cycle with new one every 2nd brew. I think this is important.
Water is regulated with 2 flow valves into the column skin and the condenser. I can use these to regulate water flow where needed, but once you find the right initial inflow I just leave them fully open. Flow at about 6 litres per minute. I run a hose to my swimming pool so I do not waste any water at all, perfect monthly top up.
My recipe: 52 litres mash.
Plain white refined sugar, 11 kg
Tomato paste Leggo's triple concentrate (Coles or Woolies), 3 x 150g
Citric acid 1/4 teaspoon
Yeast, Lowans (Coles, Woolies, in the red tin)

Mix the sugar in 20l hot water to completely dissolve.
Mix the tomato paste thoroughly in water in a plastic bucket to completely eliminate any lumps, then add to sugar wash.
Dissolve the citric acid in water, then add to wash.
I sit my wash up on a bench approx 900 off the floor to let it ferment, this way I can gravity feed my wash into the keg without disturbing any sediments.
So I put my (60l) fermenter up on the bench, then top up with cold water to 52 litres.
Then stir the bejeezus out of the wash for a minute or so.
When the wash is still, test SG, will be around 1070 - 1080. Then I sprinkle the yeast evenly on top of the wash.
Screw lid on tight, and set airlock, ready to go.

North Qld temperatures are 33 max 24 min for 8 months of the year, so the wash sits happily around 30 degrees for the duration of the ferment.
During these months it takes 6-7 days to stop bubbling. Wash will be 990 - 995.
During our "colder" months, temps av around 27 daytime down to 10 at night, so I wrap an insulated blanket around the tub to try and keep the wash at an even temperature.
These months it will take 10-14 days to finish.
When the wash has stopped bubbling, I leave for 3 days to let last sediments to settle, then I run the wash via a tap in the bottom of the fermenter directly into the keg, making sure none of the "mud" on the bottom is disturbed. Hence the 52 litres, this allows 2 litres or so of the mush and gives an even 50l in the keg.

It takes just short of 2 hours for the wash to get to distillate flow, thermostat at 90%
When temp starts to rise quickly, I turn on the water and adjust flow to temperature at 78.2 - 78.5.
I take off the 1st 80 mil then run direct into a 5 l demi. I have marked the jar at 1 l intervals, including at 4.5l.
When the level gets to the 4l mark, I revert to a glass jug and taste test at 100ml intervals. Usually 4.2 - 4.4 and I am happy, I can still get an extra 200+ mils before the temperature starts to run up, but I don't bother, it just uses more water and power.
Usually takes 3.5 - 4 hours to get my 4.2 litres.
This distillate is silky smooth and crystal clear, absolutely no smells or bad tastes during the whole process. AV consistently 94%

Hope this is useful for some people out there. The Keggomax column, plumbed correctly, is quite easy to use once you get used to it. And is very easy to clean, ready for the next brew.
I will attempt to send some photo's when I work out how. (as I said, my 1st post, already lost one draft!)
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Re: TPW with Keggomax column

Postby RC Al » Sat Feb 26, 2022 11:13 am

Hi mate

Welcome to the forum :greetings-waveyellow:
A couple of things...
Its customary to do an intro post in the welcome centre :cool:
You can get away with less tomato paste in that sized wash, too much is adding unnecessary flavour.
You say thermostat, but then say you set it to 90% is it temperature controlling or power controlling? Hopefully the latter, the first will make booze, but poorly.
If you think your product is silky smooth now, next time try it with cuts, full cuts, from your description your only pulling the end of the tails out
There's a good guide for a T500 here which is essentially the same unit, sounds like you have yours dialed in pretty well, but you might get some pointers :)
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