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Postby Brigand » Mon May 02, 2011 12:17 pm

This is a recipe my aunt gave me for Limoncello - she got it from relos in Southern Italy

1 Litre Neutral 80%-95%
14 Lemons
1kg Sugar
1 Litre Water

1) Using a potato peeler remove the rind from the lemons - trying not to take any white part
2) Put the rind into the neutral for 7-10 days
3) Dissolve sugar in the water (you will need to heat the water to dissolve)
4) Strain the neutral into the sugar solution and mix
5) Allow to cool and bottle

This will make about 2250ml
I've given this to some seasoned limoncello drinkers and they have said its really good
I personally found it a little too sweet / syrupy so will make it again with less sugar
Forgot to mention I keep mine in the freezer. Some also keep their glasses in the freezer too.


Edit: Have specified neutral percentage - higher alcohols are better for dissolving oils from the lemon peels

Please use the Limoncello discussion thread if you would like to know more about this recipe. It can be found in the Recipe Development section of the Forum or by clicking HERE .
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