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Courtesy of Apsynt and posted on Artisan Distiller comes this firm favourite.

It's one of those recipes where the people who drank bought Ouzo can't get the thought of the home made stuff out of their head and will leave a shop bought bottle on the table to drink your version.

It really is that good. ;)

From Apsynt

I have been doing this one for a while now and it's been rather popular. I cook mine in small batches on the stove.
A very unscientific recipe i use is

2.5L of neutral at about 45%
2 fistfuls of star anise
1 stick cinnamon
3 cracked cardamom pods
pinch of white and black pepper
2 sprigs of fresh fennel
half a nutmeg, cracked
4 cloves

I don't bother with suspending it in a basket as one does when making gin, just put all the ingredients together and distill. Generally i remove about 100ml of heads and stop collecting as soon as the output becomes cloudy.
Depending on how strong your anise it, you can dilute it to about 45% before it starts going cloudy. for a more attractive color add little bit of caramelized sugar.

I have done probably 30 litres of this over the last few years, and it makes a wonderful drink straight or with coke.
I think i have my recipe for this pretty much tied down now.

i charged with 8 litres of 40% neutral, 3 litres of Ouzo feints, 2 litres of cheap dry cask white wine and 4 times apsynt's spice mix.

The wine lends it an authentic tasting base, and the feints are bringing complexity.

Please use the Pastis/Arak/Ouzo discussion thread in the Recipe Development section if you would like to know more about this recipe. It can be found
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