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Pugirum as posted by Pugi;


After many, many pounds of fermentables and different washes and procedures, I have come up with this recipe for Rum.

I want to say thanx to many people that have helped me and you may see some of there ideas in my recipe. THANX

I will start with my " Yeast Bomb "
2 vitamin B, crushed with mortor and pestal
5 teaspoons of 20-0-0, agrcultural fertalizer
1/4 teaspoon of epsom salt
1/4 cup bakers yeast
1 gallon water
Boil all for 15 minutes and strain.

The wash: 10 gallons total
2 gallons of feed molasses
4 LBS of cane brown sugar
the "yeast bomb" = 1 gallon
4 gallons water
3 gallons dunder or water for the first time you make the wash. Dunder is whats left in the still after a STRIPPING run!!!
1 cup bakers yeast

This will ferment out in less than 36 hours. So give it plenty of head room in fermenter or buy a good mop. Let sit for a day to settle.

Drain fermenter and leave about 1/2 gallon of wash in it. This leaves the yeast in there ready and willing to go with next wash. Strip this as fast as the still can go and I mean FAST. We are forcing the flavors through.

Make the wash again and pour on to the yeast left in the fermenter. Then strip again. Add the 2 stripped washes into still with equal amount of dunder that you have saved and the RUM OILS( see below )

Now for the tricky part. On the spirit run:
Run it easy, not to fast, not to slow.
Make the heads to hearts cut like normal and add heads to the vodka/neutral container, do NOT reuse these in your rum.
Run out hearts till you start to get the wet cardboard taste. On my still this is between 85% ABV and 50% ABV. Collect wet cardboard spirits and add to vodka/neutral container. Do NOT reuse these in you rum. For me this is from about 50% ABV down to 40% ABV.
Collect the 40% ABV down to 20% ABV in seperate container. These are your RUM OILS. Handle them with care and treat them special. Always add them to your still when you do a SPIRIT run and always collect them from the spirit run. The more times you use them the more concentrated they become. It wont take long and they will overflow into the hearts. This is the KEY to My rum.

To the full strength spirt run distillant I add:
One slice of pinapple per gallon
2 cloves per gallon
1/2 ounce of raisens per gallon
leave for a month shaking every now and then.
Cut to proof

I use home made carmalized sugar to color. Do not burn the camalized sugar but do make sure it colors up good. I have tried molasses but prefer the carmelized sugar.

This is a full body/taste rum. It is a fairly heavy rum and you will taste and smell the molasses.

Please use the Pugirum discussion thread if you would like to know more about this recipe. It can be found in the Recipe Development section of the Forum or by clicking HERE.
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