Aussie Cream

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Aussie Cream

Postby Cane Toad » Sun Apr 17, 2011 12:06 pm

Ok I have tried this a few times, made 2 ltrs Christmas day and then the mother in law made more boxing day - THIS STUFF IS GOOD :D

As stated below though it will make you as fat as a fool if you drank it everyday, lots of cream and sugar. So for me it's a treat for special occasions. Better than anything you could buy........

"This is a Baileys chocolate cream knockoff that's easy to make and popular with the guys and gals.

I've had such a good response that i took the liberty of posting it in here (plus I've been making it for nearly thirty Xmas's)

Whip 3 farm eggs till fluffy.
Keep beating with the mixer as you add...
Add 2 cups DWWWG , UJSM, bourbon(or other 40%)
1 can sweetened condensed milk,
about the same of thick cream
1 tablespoon of chocolate topping
1 teaspoon of good vanilla extract (vanilla bean paste is a standout).

Shake before pouring over ice...

We only usually make it at Xmas time, because it's just too good, we'd be fat as fools if we drank it all year.

Got a top improvement worked out today, 4 parts of Aussie Cream to one part Kahlua"

Please use the Aussie Cream discussion thread if you would like to know more about this recipe. It can be found in the Recipe Development section of the Forum or by clicking HERE.
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