Brass hose fitting to 3/4” ferrule.

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Brass hose fitting to 3/4” ferrule.

Postby Amberale » Thu Nov 19, 2020 3:51 pm

Hi folks.
Sorry if this has been covered already.

While trying to neaten up some of the connections on the neutraliser I discovered that a standard 12mm male brass hose connector fits snuggly inside a 3/4” ferrule (and into the standard tap on a 50 litre milk keg).
If you use a double male you end up with a male outlet that is a straight fit to a drainage hose or, if fitted to your outlet where your parrot connects, an easy way to back-flush the whole still.

There is a tiny bulge on the brass fitting.
I removed the rubber ring from one end, placed the fitting in a drill stand(cordless drill would work but trickier) and “machined” it down with a fine file and then with some wet and dry around the file until it was a very tight fit(Interference fit).
Refit the rubber ring and press it together using a vice.
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