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First TIG braze.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 30, 2020 8:43 am
by LikkerSheWillLoveIt
So I stopped by my local welding supply shop yesterday, I use them for work, and I got some Silicone Bronze brazing wire.

It’s a bit different to TIG welding but I got it. Damn strong join. This is only some scrap I had laying around. I did 4 joins.

I found that using a lay wire technique, Then doing a second pass with no wire, once everything is hot, I got a fairly smooth braze with no penetration into either of the parent materials. First pass was at 48 amps, second down to 40 amps as everything was hot. It’s strong, I did a destruction test, the copper tore about 8mm from the join. Freshly annealed copper will do that.

If anyone can give me some tips, I’ll happily take any and all criticism.