My new boiler build.

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Re: My new boiler build.

Postby warramungas » Mon May 07, 2018 11:40 am

Runs fine.
Low height makes it fit well in the laundry with the column on top. Thumper adds more height but the 4" column still fits fine.
Only issue is its a little awkward to handle and set up and it needs a couple of feet/lugs on the bottom to stop it rolling away. I use a small wooden pallet that it sits on top of. Also minimum volume to run it with the two elements is 25 liters.
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equipment: 180 litre fermenter x 2
30 liter boiler
2" four plate modular bubbler
2" one meter long LM column
110 liter boiler with 25 liter (max) inline thumper
4" x 4 plate bubble cap still


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