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Postby George1212 » Thu Mar 07, 2024 4:49 pm

HI all,
was after a bit of advice, I got my hands on 10kg of peaches for free, so of course I would rather make a mash than eat them. I have cut them up and put them through the blender and put them in the freezer ready for when I have time. My question is , can I take them out, ad some water get the SG to 1070 (add some sugar if needed...dont shoot me), Should I still use a campden tablet to kill of any wild yeast, and then wait a day or so before adding some EC1118? or just go for it and add my yeast into the wash once ready and not worry about wild yeast? just going to make up a 25l this time around before i give a 50l a crack. going to run it through my 50L 4" pot still with 3 bubble plates and some copper mesh packing as well, nice and slow and hopefully get it done in one run.
First time doing fruit I am normally running rums.
Thanks heaps for any advice from the experts on here
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Re: Peaches!!

Postby The Stig » Thu Mar 07, 2024 7:16 pm

Hi George ,
I would just go ahead with the EC1118 and hold your breath and hope for the best.
As for the copper mesh , I take it that’s just the small roll supplied with the still ? If so , that’ll be fine but don’t use a large amount and reflux the daylights out of it because it will strip the flavour.
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